North Shore Academy

Inspiring Healthy Minds


Academy Staff

Key Contacts 2017-2018

Academy Leadership Team

Executive Principal - Mr M Robson

Associate Principal (Head of Deep Support) - Mr M Burns
Vice Principal (Head of Deep Learning) - Miss D Law

Assistant Principal (Deep Support/Head of Year 11) - Mr M Garthwaite
Assistant Principal (Deep Learning) - Miss V Farnaby
Assistant Principal (Deep Experience) - Mrs L Mower
Assistant Principal (Head of Year 7) – Mrs R Harrington
Assistant Principal (Head of Year 8) – Miss S Graham
Assistant Principal (Head of Year 9) – Mrs J Zaheer
Assistant Principal (Head of Year 10) - Mr S Jones

Care and Support contacts in the Academy:

Progress Leader Year 7 – Miss E Mulcaster
Progress Leader Year 8 – Miss H Fitzgerald
Progress Leader Year 9 – Mr P Wilson
Progress Leader Year 10 – Miss D Gilbert
Progress Leader Year 11 – Miss B Gibbon

Mr L Alexander - Child Protection Co-ordinator
Mrs E Wells - Special Educational Needs and Disability Co-ordinator
Mr G Randhawa - EAL Co-ordinator
Ms L Knight - Data & Examinations Manager
Miss R Horobin - Attendance Administrator

If you require any help or

information telephone the Academy on 01642 612381 or email [email protected]

Full staff list 2016-2017

Teaching Staff

Allon, S - Teach First Mathematics Teacher

Bell, J - ICT Teacher

Boyle, R - Subject Lead PE & Primary Partnership Lead

Burns, M - Vice Principal

Carr, P - Vice Principal

Challinor, V - SEN/Maths Intervention Co-ordinator

Cole, A - Art Teacher

Cooper, G - English Teacher

Cummings, N - Subject Lead History

Farnaby, V - Assistant Principal Communication

Garthwaite, M - Assistant Principal Head of School Y11 Achievement

Graham, S - Head of School Marlins & PE Teacher

Griffiths, D - Assistant Principal

Harrington, R - Head of School - Colts & PE Teacher

Harris, C - Subject Lead Geography

Howard, M - Technology Teacher

Jennings, S - English Teacher

Jones, M - Subject Lead Mathematics

Jones, S - Assistant Principal

Keogh, P - MFL Teacher

Khadim, N - Lead Practitioner Science

Kuhlman, L - MFL Teacher

Landers, D - Teach First Science Teacher

Law, D - Vice Principal - Teaching Learning & Assessment

Mackey, S - Mathematics Teacher

Mason, C - Subject Leader RE, Citizenship and PSHE

Mellon, J - Nurture Teacher

Mower, L - Assistant Principal - Teaching Learning & Assessment

Randhawa, G - EAL Co-ordinator

Rigg, M - Mathematics Teacher

Robson, M - Principal

Ryan, M - Science Teacher

Shanley, G - Textiles Technology Teacher

Simpson, S - Citizenship Teacher

Straughan, A - Science Teacher

Swash, P - Geography Teacher

Walsh, A - PE Teacher & Enrichment Lead

Ward, L - Science Teacher

Weir, R - Teach First Humanities Teacher

Wells, E - SEND Co-ordinator

Wilson, M - Mathematics Teacher

Wilson, S - STEM Co-ordinator & Subject Lead Technology

Zaheer, J - Head of School Pumas & PE Teacher

Associate Staff

Addison, J - Administration Assistant

Alexander, L - Child Protection Co-ordinator

Armitage, S - Technical Support Resource Technician

Baxter, R - Operations Manager

Bennett, B - Office Manager

Benson, S - Cleaner

Bowman, M - Administrative Assistant

Boyes, M - Cleaner

Brown, J - Community Zone Assistant

Coleman, S - Finance Assistant

Dawson, L - Community Receptionist

Dwyer, B - Cleaner

Eckerman, K - Cleaner

Game, L - Community Zone Assistant

Garbutt, L - Community Zone Assistant

Gibbon, B - Progress Leader Marlins

Gilbert, D - Progress Leader Falcons

Goldie, T - Housekeeper

Gowing, M - Cleaner

Hart-Elliott, S - Inclusion Manager

Healey, J - HR Administrator

Hill, J - Finance & HR Manager

Holliday, J - Apprentice (Teaching & Learning)

Honeyman, S - Apprentice (Sport & Exercise)

Horobin, R - Attendance Administrator

Howes, E - Community Zone Assistant

Kelly, D - Behaviour & Attendance Support Assistant

Knight, L - Data & Examinations Manager

Leahy, A ? Cover Supervisor

Lee, D - SEN Assistant

Lynch, A - Community Zone Assistant

Massey, A - Community Zone Duty Lead

Matthews, M - Community Zone Assistant

McGough, L - Cleaner

Morgan, S - Community Zone Assistant

Mulcaster, E - Progress Leader Colts

Mulhearn, B - Site Officer

Nichol, C - Teaching Assistant

Outhwaite, S - Apprentice (Business Administration)

Pearson, M - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Pederson, M - LSU Manager

Pickering, J - Teaching Assistant

Sangster, G - Aspiration & Engagement Officer

Simpson, D ? PA to Principal

Smith, C - Curriculum Resource Technician - Technology

Smith, S - LRC Manager

Spacey, P - Curriculum Resource Technician

Sullivan, L - Community Zone Assistant

Templeman, R - Apprentice (ICT Technician)

Thornton, R - Apprentice (Teaching & Learning)

Trimble, J - Supervisory Assistant

Warrior, J ? Cover Supervisor

Wilson, P - Progress Leader Pumas

Wood, A - Site Officer

Woodhouse, C - Supervisory Assistant